Beautifully Handcrafted in Scotland

An intrinsic understanding of handcrafted articles sets AM of Scotland apart as we are the only factory in scotland operating with this set of skills. From the expert construction of clothing requisite of luxury made-to-wear through to anticipating forthcoming trends, our insight into the industry allows a unique approach.

We work in partnership with designers to share professional knowledge and skills, resulting in garments of exceptional quality and beauty.

Our Mission

Alexander Manufacturing empowers emerging and established designers by reconnecting the link between design and manufacturing. Our highly skilled team is dedicated to bringing the vision of designers to life through traditional processes that date back over 175 years whilst upholding ethical and sustainable production values.

  • Expertise

    We believe on protecting the heritage of our traditional vulcanised articles which is why our team is made up of highly skilled craftsmen and women who have significant experience in their field.

  • Trust

    Trust and transparent communication is in our DNA. We work closely with our clients and partners to achieve the perfect product by building long term working relationships.

  • Ethical

    We offer an unparraelled working environment where our dedicated team feel valued and are encouraged to collaborate. We invest in our entire team and promote a positive working conditions.

  • Quality

    Each piece we construct goes through a rigorous QC process which is overseen by our in-house Product Developer. We work closely with our tier one and tier two suppliers to ensure components meet strict critieria.

  • Sustainability

    We are working towards a zero waste approach as we deeply care about our people and the planet. This is why we work with natural farbics where possible and offer a flexible minimum order quantity (MOQ) approach.

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