Exciting new technology at AM

Exciting new technology at AM

Now more than ever, businesses are preparing to leap into the future through the help of various new, innovative technologies, and garment manufacturing is no different. We are delighted to announce we have partnered with Vetigraph and DC Suite who provide leading software solutions to assist in bringing your products to life in a much more efficient, timely and cost-conscious way.


This has enabled our team to produce patterns digitally instead of hand drawing every size. As a result of our latest investment, we can now grade garments in a fraction of the time and cost to the client, compared to traditional hand grading. This sizable investment is in line with our sustainability strategy as the new software will dramatically reduce waste material and ensure we are getting the most out of our fabrics in both the sampling and bulk production stage. In every decision, we are seeking wins for our team, our clients and of course the planet.


And if that wasn’t innovative enough, we have also installed software which enables us to 3D render patterns to create a virtual sample! By sewing components together virtually without even touching a sewing machine, we can offer the first glimpse of a product before the initial sample is even produced allowing for any necessary tweaks to be made prior to the physical sample being created. We can take this one step further still by incorporating this into our 4D system. Once clients have chosen fabrics they would like to sample, we can send off swatches to the lab which are digitally scanned. The lab logs the fabric, colour, weight, and design of the swatches so they can be used across the 4D system, enabling clients the opportunity to view a full rendered 4D sample digitally to see how the fabric works against the style and how it may look on the body.


Here's our top three reason why we love the new software:

  • Fit – Test the fit of your garment and make fit amendments as you go!
    • Variations – Create multiple options for your customers by applying different fabrics and prints.
    • Communication – Simply send your 3D designs by email or even by text message.
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