With a vision to rewrite the story of British luxury fashion, Alexander Manufacturing is one of the last remaining luxury garment factories in Scotland. Home to the original Mackintosh coat makers, we aim to elevate the Scottish heritage of a high-skilled technique, dating back centuries. 

With a progressive approach to business, founders Nadia & Murray Alexander are redefining what sustainability means within garment manufacturing; working with local textile mills to craft low-carbon footprint materials, using repurposed wools, plant-based waxes and fabrics produced from tree cellulose and natural cloths. 

The direction of Alexander Manufacturing (Scotland) encompasses the epitome of sustainable luxury, based on a circular production model with an aim to produce exquisite results. Our reuse and repair approach combined with our commitment to craftsmanship means we operate with full traceability. 

The specialty of the Alexander Manufacturing workforce lies with their handmade vulcanised articles. Each of these garments are infused with Scottish heritage and undertake a detailed and authentic process applied strategically to the products. Hand bonded with two layers of natural cloth and a rubberised solution which hand smeared to create an impenetrable barrier meaning the finished article is 100% waterproof.

Playing an inimitable role in high fashion, the talented Alexander Manufacturing team have crafted haute couture pieces for various luxury fashion houses and international brands. We tailor our services to meet the needs to our clients who are seeking truly 'Made in Scotland' garments which are steeped in heritage and created using traditional methods with a modern twist. 

Unsure of what style you would like to create? Why not take a look at our brand new Factory Selling Collection, which you can customise to your own specification. If you would like more details on our A/W 23 Factory Collection, please do get in touch. 

Want to visit our facilities? Come meet us in person and visit the team, where we can discuss all your product development needs. 


    Our products are hand-made at our factory in Scotland by expert coat-makers.

    The traditional process dates back over 175 years.


    95% of our raw materials are sourced from Scotland and Northern England, supporting local industry and following a traceable supply chain.


    Thanks to our unique manufacturing process, we can produce customisable outerwear to exacting specifications of our customers.


    Our direct to consumer model allows us to charge a fair price for a product that is truly handmade using the finest, local materials available.

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