With a vision to rewrite the story of British luxury fashion, Alexander Manufacturing is one of the last remaining luxury garment factories in Scotland. Home to the original Mackintosh coat makers, we aim to elevate the Scottish heritage of a high-skilled technique, dating back centuries. 

With a progressive approach to business, founders Nadia & Murray Alexander are redefining what sustainability means within garment manufacturing. Our bespoke garment and accessory offerings span various sectors, be it luxury tourism, sporting events, or estates and hotels or white label fashion collections, all reflecting the diverse needs of our discerning corporate clientele. Our portfolio boasts a spectrum of high-quality merchandise, from quilted gilets to branded tote bags, vulcanised trench coats, to elegant wool blazers. Each piece is meticulously crafted in our Scottish factory, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality and luxury.



At Alexander Manufacturing, we blend heritage techniques with a modern approach to create garments that perfectly balance timeless craftsmanship and contemporary style.


Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just sourcing local materials. By partnering with local mills and farms, we boost local economies and minimise our carbon footprint, making strides towards an environmentally friendly supply chain.


Our commitment to traceability goes beyond conventional standards. It signifies our dedication to ethical practices, setting a new benchmark for transparency and accountability in the fashion industry. Our holistic approach interweaves economic stability, environmental stewardship, and social equity, charting a path for responsible and sustainable growth for the entire fashion industry.