Bearco is a ready-to-wear womenswear collection that encapsulates the essence of the Scotland with a fresh, modern twist.

Drawing inspiration from Scotland's untamed landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, each garment in our collection tells a story of tradition, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance. From luxuriously crafted outerwear to effortlessly chic tartan skirts, every piece is meticulously crafted to embody the spirit of Scottish heritage.

At Bearco, we celebrate the dynamic spirit of the modern woman while honouring Scotland's enduring legacy. Our collection seamlessly blends heritage elements with modern silhouettes, offering versatility and sophistication for every occasion.


Hancock is a British luxury label that produces handmade rubber-bonded raincoats in Scotland. Inspired by Thomas Hancock, the English inventor and founding father of the British rubber industry, Hancock reimagines “articles” patented by Hancock himself between 1820 and 1847.

Hancock embodies the essence of contemporary style, creating sleek waterproof outerwear designed to withstand Scotland's rugged weather. Each piece is a testament to our dedication to quality and attention to detail.


The Glenturret x Alexander Manufacturing

We are delighted to unveil The Glenturret’s new luxury lifestyle, clothing, and accessories collection brought to life by our talented team here at Alexander Manufacturing.

Featuring a bespoke tartan, created exclusively for The Glenturret by the iconic Lovat Mill and listed on the Scottish tartan register, their new limited collection includes a male and female trench coat, a weekend bag, flat-cap hat and a picnic blanket.

In line with our shared commitment to a circular production model, The Glenturret x Alexander Manufacturing collection is crafted using low-carbon footprint materials, repurposed wools, plant-based waxes, and fabrics made from tree cellulose and natural cloths as we strive to preserve Scottish heritage and embrace centuries-old craftsmanship and manufacturing techniques. 

"Like a hand-crafted whisky, as much care and attention go into the design, craft, and finish of every single garment made at Alexander Manufacturing. Located less than 40 miles from The Glenturret Distillery, this is why the creative process was so natural – both The Glenturret & AM share a prowess for their people, the provenance of our traditional craft, and a passion to bring people together with their love of luxury" - Nadia Alexander

“Launching this collection is yet another milestone in The Glenturret’s evolution, and one for which we are incredibly excited and proud. Our distillery, restaurant, and retails spaces attract a growing number of visitors each year and we have listened carefully to the feedback from their experience with us - this is what inspired us to create a high-end lifestyle collection embodying The Glenturret brand.” - Colin Hart, The Glenturret Operations Manager. 

Norton Motorcycles x Alexander Manufacturing

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